Hello Kitty Wild Flower Honey 500g

hello kitty限量版瑞琪奥兰野地花蜂蜜,具有一股天然的野地花香,伴有一丝丝草药的味道,芳甘质滑,品味之美,极甜之长。


RICHORA Wild Flower Honey can be enjoyed straight from the spoon, in a cereal , milk powder, lemon tea, or in your favourite beverages. Tips: 1. Daily take with three slices of lemon. 2. 2-3 spoon before a meal to help digestive system.
Energy 1360kj per 100g
Protein Less than 1g Less than 1g
Saturated Less than 1g
Carbonhydrates 80g per 100g
Sugars 78g per 100g
Sodium 12mg per 100g